Mysteriarch Enterprises is a full service marketing and consulting agency.  Contact us with your specific needs, and we will create a marketing program that is right for you.

Our newest program is called "The Magic of the Mind" - This motivational program combines magic, mentalism, memory training and visual demonstrations to show how powerful and effective the mind can be.  This program is perfect for business seminars, corporate meetings, or any business or group event where a presentation or lecture is needed.  It is a fun way to educate and entertain while still getting a message across to your audience.

Creative Conjuring for Children - This program is designed specifically for children ages 7-12.  It is designed to introduce them into the world of magic.  This is accomplished by teaching basic magical skills using ordinary household  items as props.  The program teaches eye/hand coordination, the use of basic magic principles and presentation.  The goal of this class is to instill self confidence in the children by learning a special new skill.  This confidence will hopefully apply itself to other activities such as school work, sports, or other hobbies.

Mysteriarch Enterprises also offers a magician's only lecture on the art of escape artistry called "Escaped...and Still on the Run", as well as  lecture on illegal gambling devices used for cheating.

Collector's Item

Batman Houdini
Comic Book
The Devil's Workshop
Limited Edition
$10 plus $2 Shipping/Handling

Please add $3 Shipping/Handling for books and supplies.

We are also the publishers of

the official publication of the International Association for Escape Artists.

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