rabbit.gif (4565 bytes) Cabaret Show: This zany show combines magic, comedy, and escape artistry which keeps the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter and amazement.  You will get to see Thomas's hilarious straitjacket routine, and meet "The Great Raccini".  Perfect for conventions, fairs, concerts and special events.

rabbit.gif (4565 bytes) Strolling/Close-up Magic Show: Whether performing with his signature "League Back" playing cards, or using his charming personality and wit to entertain his audience, Thomas provides the most intimate magic right before the spectator's eyes.  Perfect for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, festivals and trade shows.  Thomas entertains your potential clients with amazing magic integrating your company's logo, product and/or services while making the clients more receptive to your company's information and message.

rabbit.gif (4565 bytes) Family Magic Show:  This very popular show combines live animals, audience participation, and balloon sculptures into an unbelievable experience for the entire family.  This interaction makes the audience a part of the show, which makes it more enjoyable for everyone.  Thomas is considered one of the fastest balloon sculpture artists in the world, and it is just as much fun to watch the speed of his hands as he makes them for each child.  Perfect for birthday parties, schools, libraries or other special events.

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